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At K3 Kwality Food, we take great pride in the quality of our Signature product “Millet Cookies”. We use only the finest ingredients sourced directly from ‘Farmers’ and trusted suppliers to create mouth-watering Cookies, biscuits that are sure to satisfy your cravings.


Our definition of quality exists in all variables of our business.

Quality In:

  • Consistent purchasing of raw materials
  • Consistent ingredients
  • Consistent product size
  • Consistent look of the product
  • Consistent product handling
  • Consistent product transportation
  • Consistent and proper storage
  • Consistent observing and monitoring of shelf life
  • Consistent and superior customer service


We insist that all of our personnel be totally committed to our mission and make it a driving force in their daily efforts to succeed.


Bake nourishing, locally sourced food that is accessible and affordable to support our community, provide jobs with dignity, and offer an economic model.
Continually provide our customers products that are superior in quality from which the market offers.
To educate consumers about the ingredients in our products and the origins of those ingredients.
We work towards achieving our customers perspective of, ‘K3 Kwality Food’ creates and bakes superior products!”


Knead relationships of dignity, respect and appreciation centred around food

Leaven the growing struggle for food sovereignty

Form a community institution rooted in queer, people working class communities

Bake and eat delicious produts.